Don’t Let Depression Get You Down: Identifying Emotional Symptoms

Emotional Symptoms of Depression

Below are some emotional symptoms commonly associated with major depressive disorder. While some are included in the DSM-5 criteria, others represent common related signs of the condition:

While everyone’s experience with depression is unique, some emotions are frequently encountered during depression and serve as common symptoms:


Sadness: Depression can trigger profound feelings of sadness. This sadness may stem from a specific event, such as the loss of a loved one, or it can be a general sense of melancholy.

Loss of Interest in Enjoyable Activities: The activities that typically bring pleasure start to lose their appeal. Individuals may avoid or dread these once-enjoyable pursuits, whether it’s spending time with friends, engaging in sexual activities, exercising, or even eating. Motivation may wane to the point of struggling to get out of bed each morning.

Guilt: Depression may elicit a pervasive sense of guilt about numerous aspects of life. Individuals might feel guilty about being depressed or harbor remorse over perceived mistakes.

Irritability: Frequent feelings of irritability might become prevalent. This could manifest as a reduced frustration tolerance or a general sense of annoyance with various aspects of daily life.

Anxiety: Whether concerning specific worries or unexplained anxiety, individuals with depression may experience anxious feelings. The anxiety might focus on a particular issue, such as the ability to fall asleep, or it might arise without a clear cause.

Trouble with Concentration and Cognitive Functions: Organizing thoughts and taking action becomes challenging. Tasks may accumulate, decision-making falters, the living space becomes disordered, and details and commitments are easily forgotten.

Loneliness: Individuals may find it challenging to engage in social interactions when depressed, yet they might concurrently experience a profound sense of loneliness, even when surrounded by others.

Worthlessness: Feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness might prevail, leading individuals to believe they lack meaningful contributions to the world and hold little value to their friends and family.

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