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The Dangers of Self-Diagnosing Depression

Diagnosing Depression

Depression is a widespread mental health condition that affects millions of people across the globe. It encompasses a range of symptoms, including but not limited to feelings of sadness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and changes in sleep patterns and appetite. When encountering these symptoms, it becomes crucial to seek professional assistance. Why Self-Diagnosis Can Pose Serious…

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Top 5 Gender-Specific Warning Signs for Depression in Women

Depression Unique to Women

Table of ContentsDifferences Between Women and MenPrevalence of Depression in WomenCauses of Depression in WomenBiology and HormonesGeneticsPsychological CausesSocial CausesTypes of Depression Unique to WomenPubertyPremenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)Perinatal DepressionPostpartum DepressionPerimenopausal DepressionOther Conditions Associated with Depression in WomenSeveral conditions often co-occur with depression in women, including:Early Signs of Depression in WomenRecognizing early signs of depression is crucial…

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Don’t Let Depression Get You Down: Identifying Emotional Symptoms

Emotional Symptoms of Depression

Below are some emotional symptoms commonly associated with major depressive disorder. While some are included in the DSM-5 criteria, others represent common related signs of the condition: While everyone’s experience with depression is unique, some emotions are frequently encountered during depression and serve as common symptoms: Sadness: Depression can trigger profound feelings of sadness. This…

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Breaking the Silence: The Top 10 Most Common Depression Symptoms in Men

Common Depression Symptoms

Table of ContentsIntroductionDifferences in Male DepressionMale Depression Signs and SymptomsPhysical SymptomsEmotional SymptomsCommon depression symptoms in men may include:Other behaviors in men that might indicate depression but are not commonly recognized as such include:Male Depression TriggersFinancial StressorsAgingMedical ReasonsMale Depression Often Goes UndiagnosedSeveral factors contribute to the under diagnosis of depression in men:Get Help When You Need…

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